Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's Summer!

Well, technically not quite yet...in like two days though. Memorial Day was a few weeks ago and the kids are out of school, so I'm going to go ahead and go with  IT'S SUMMER!

Summer to me these days means more time to work out. Train, train, train. Last summer I was training for the triathlon. This summer its a marathon and P90X. Annyka (the now 8yo kidlet) is at her dad's for two weeks at a time so I can be much more flexible with workouts - mornings at the Y, evenings at the pool, riding my bike to work, running downtown at sunrise...all options in the summer that are not viable when she's home. I miss her bunches and can't wait until she comes home this weekend, but I take advantage of the time I have when she's away.

But with all that working out, I have not been spending a ton of time in the kitchen. I did break down and join Pinterest - mainly as a way to keep track of those recipes I come across that I want to save for trying later. Several of my athlete friends are going Paleo so they post yummy things that I can eat. Anywho, I haven't come up with any earth-shattering new recipes lately. Plenty of veggies with pasta or rice and salads lately because it's fast and fresh. I made the Pioneer Woman's Asian Noodle Salad this weekend. I hadn't made that in a long time and I don't know why. It's very good. I only made half the dressing though and I thought it was plenty (in fact, I have some leftover dressing), oh and I made one small substitution - I used grapeseed oil in the dressing rather than olive oil because it doesn't have any taste to compete with the other ingredients.

So sorry for the boring update, but I'll come up with something good soon. Polenta with bruschetta is coming up on the horizon soon. I haven't quite pinned down the bruschetta recipe yet.