Monday, May 13, 2013

Everything must go!

You know when you're getting ready to either go on vacation or move and you want to get rid of your food before then? That's where I'm at now.

We're going on vacation (not moving). We're leaving on Thursday morning and it's liquidation time. Everything must go!

I practically forced Scott to eat a bag of grapes last night. I'll finish off the last of the carrots at lunch today and put a good dent in the spinach. The brussel sprouts are slated for annihilation at dinner tonight. I still have a small bag of snap peas to have a lunch tomorrow (at least that's the plan) and the last of the onions and bell peppers will hopefully make their way into fajitas on Wednesday night. And I'll down as many apples as I can between now and Thursday.

Yesterday we fired up the grill for dinner - chicken breasts - and I threw some tamari-sesame pork chops on to join the party as well. Those are now slated for tonight's dinner. I had big plans for meatballs this week as well, but with too much leftover chicken, that is going to fall by the wayside. I did, however, make, bake and freeze said meatballs last night for future use.

So here's the plan for the next three nights:
Monday - pork chop sandwiches (for those that eat such things), sauteed brussel sprouts and leftover rice salad from yesterday.
Tuesday - spaghetti with meat sauce, additional vegetables if we still have some that need to be eaten.
Wednesday - fajitas made with the already grilled chicken we have + sauteed bell pepper and onion add the half a can of black beans I have in the fridge and corn tortillas and dinner is DONE!.

At some point I also have to figure out what food I want to take on the plane with me on Thursday - airport food for people who don't eat gluten and dairy can be someone challenging (and expensive). I wanted to make some "almond joy" bars (still working on the recipe but it will involve dates, cocoa, almonds, & coconut) to take, but I haven't managed to get any dates to make them, so that probably won't happen with judo (twice) and a doctor's appointment on the schedule in the next three days. Plus I want to go get a spray tan. Wish me luck on the spray tan. It's my first time. 

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