Thursday, March 1, 2012


I was having a pretty good couple weeks there for a bit. Last week I had a skinny week. I don't weigh myself because it's just depressing most of the time, but I felt smaller, less bloated. Today I had a good lunch hour run - once I got past that awful first mile, it felt really good. I felt light and fast. Hopefully I feel the same way for Group Training on Saturday.

So I was feeling good until something went wrong at work. Honestly it wasn't really that big of a deal, I just missed a meeting, but it was just kind of a breaking point for me. I haven't cried about work in a while, but today I did. I hate that.

I feel like I want to binge on junk food, or drink copious amounts of alcohol, but I can't. I need a vice. No smoking, no alcohol, hardly any junk food. I'm so boring.

So a quick update on the meals over the past few days...
  • Chicken fajita salad
  • Bell peppers stuffed with rice pilaf and lentils
  • artichoke burgers and potato wedges
  • quinoa salad with spinach and sundried tomatoes

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