Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday, February 22

Today does not feel like a Wednesday. I think its because I took Monday off. This week feels like winning. I made a commitment to make sure I'm being active every day and it feels good.
Yesterday I made myself take a lunch break and work out. Today I went to Fit Club and did workouts with some old Team in Training friends.
Plus I successfully made chicken tenders/nuggets for the family using corn Chex as a "breading" and have meals all ready to go for the remainder of the week.
Oh yeah, and since I got my tax return, I've bought my plane ticket for this summer's vacation - I'm headed back to Yellowstone again. This time just me meeting up with my sister and we're going to try to go backpacking. I'm so pumped! Annyka will be going to Michigan and Wisconsin with my parents during the same week.
So even though work is crazy (broken record), this week is going swimmingly. 

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