Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back home again in Indiana

I'm back from an 11-day break in the gorgeous greater Yellowstone area of Montana/Wyoming. My sister lives and works out there so I went out to hike and camp with her. We packed a lot into the time I was there - We camped at two separate locations (one a campground, one in the backcountry), I hiked or ran about 40 miles, went whitewater rafting and did a zipline course. I also drove the entire Grand Loop of Yellowstone, saw the Tetons for the first time and got to see some new animals - a golden eagle, pikas, a badger, otters and a grizzly close enough that I didn't need binoculars.

I didn't eat quite as well as I usually do at home - especially with red meat - but I only ate outside of my restictions a couple times. We had a dehydrated potato soup in the backcountry that had some dry milk products in it and I did have a couple bites of Leigh Ann's tiramisu at our last dinner. I'm fine, but to make up for any negative effects, I'm eating mostly vegan (I might have fish) for the next two weeks.

I introduced Leigh Ann to at least one recipe she really liked - the Thai Lettuce Wraps. We made them with chicken instead of tuna, but they were yummy. I should have some new recipes to post soon. I came across some good deli salads at a co-op in Bozeman, Montana. One was a chipotle potato salad and the other was a orange and curry quinoa salad that was excellent on a bed of spinach.

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