Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two days down...

I got through my second day of T25 without any problems. Working out in the morning puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. I also drank a lot of water today and I think I must have been retaining water over the last few days (lots of sodium-filled snacks over the weekend) because my ring is fitting quite large today.

The chicken waldorf salad today was really good, but it would've been even better on a bed of greens. The quinoa patties were...not very patty-like. It's not the recipe's fault though - I had to leave out the egg so it wouldn't stick together. I think next time I'll include some mashed up beans or something to boost the protein even more and help it stick together.

I also took a full freezer inventory this evening. We have waaaay too much sausage. Five packages of chicken sausages (different varieties) and 2 full packages of regular smoked sausage. That's in addition to ground beef, ground meat substitute (which I realized was not gluten-free after I bought it), steak, chicken, tilapia and some turkey burgers.

The kiddo had a beef slider and a banana for dinner. I'm okay with this meal because it included more veggies than she realized. I mixed baby food (mixed vegetables) into the sliders. Scott had a hastily put together, but hot sandwich of leftover pork butt on french bread with honey mustard.

Tomorrow on the lunch menu is quinoa and sweet potato salad. Not sure yet what I'm going to take for snacks. The dinner plan is chicken piccata and steamed brussel sprouts. I'm not sure what I'll make for the rest of the family.

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