Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another soup blog

It’s cold here in Indiana. Tonight we might get an ice storm. Yuck. Anyway, my point is that soups and stews are good at times like these. I've mentioned before how much I like soups. Soups can have tons of flavor without added fat or salt. Plus the fact that my daughter will eat vegetables if they are cooked in a soup.

A couple weeks ago, I made waaaay too many lentils for a salad and I froze the extras – probably about 3 cups of cooked brown lentils. I decided I wanted to use those to make some lentil stew this week. I've been trying to eat vegetarian so lentils are a good protein option. I went to Allrecipes to look for a vegetarian lentil soup or stew and found this one:

 Lentil Soup – Not a very exciting name, so I decided to call it Hungarian Lentil Stew based on the description on the site.

I brought my lentils out of the freezer and put them in the fridge about 24 hours before making the soup – they weren't completely thawed, but they were frozen solid either.

For once I mostly followed the recipe.
I sweated (I learned this term from watching Food Network) the onion and celery, added the carrots, garlic and paprika.
I put in two cans of diced tomatoes and beef stock instead of chicken though because I had that handy (obviously if you’re truly vegetarian – use vegetable broth).
I didn't measure the white wine. I just kind of threw some in.
And I put all my lentils in because I did want a heartier soup.
I didn't simmer my soup as long – only about 30 minutes – since my lentils were already cooked.
And lastly, I added a little bit of cornstarch in water to thicken it up a bit.

It was delicious, especially with Crunchmaster GF crackers…and just as delicious today for lunch. I have taco sweet potatoes planned for this evening, but if am too hungry to wait for those to bake, I may just have more soup! 

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