Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday, January 31

I'm not feeling IT today. Whatever IT is. IT tends to be the positive vibe and I'm just not there today. I spilled about a 1/3 of my shake all over the passenger seat in the van when I dropped off Annyka this morning. And I had nothing except newspaper to clean it up. I'm growly about that, then when I got to work, I didn't even feel like eating it.

I want cheese today. Specifically nacho cheese dip. It's not going to happen, but I think because there doesn't seem to be a good substitute for cheese, I'm really craving and mourning it right now. I also want garlic bread because I can smell that crap from our cafeteria.

Although I am eating, a lot of the time I don't feel like I'm getting full. I'm hoping that is a transitional, temporary thing, but right now it's pretty tough. I need to be running, but I just don't feel like I have the energy. I don't feel tired really, just hungry. Snacking on almonds aren't getting the job done.

Anyway, lunch yesterday was the aforementioned salad with lemon juice/olive oil dressing. Dinner was taco salad and an apple while everyone else at my meeting had spaghetti and garlic bread.

Tonight, I'd like to take Annyka down to the Super Bowl Village so I'll probably just be hungry. I have no money to get food while we're out and I don't have much with me to take. Maybe I'll have some of my shake left to drink.

Sorry to be so down, but I'm feeling the weight of all this today.

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