Friday, October 19, 2012

Some days are easy; some are not

Most days I’m a champion of food. Most days I am excited about trying new things and thinking outside of the box to find solutions to the challenge of eating without gluten, dairy, eggs, yeast, etc, etc. 

But some days I’m nearly brought to tears by the challenge. Today is one of those days. Annyka had to take a shower this morning and an extra person in the one shower we have usually sets us a few minutes behind. We still got out the door, but I didn’t have time to get anything for breakfast for me. But I thought, “that’s okay, there will be something I can grab in the cafeteria at work.” They usually have fresh fruit and individual hot items like hashbrowns and sausage. 

But then I got stuck behind not one, but two trains as I entered downtown – 12 minutes of waiting on trains. And when I got work, there were no breakfast options left. No fruit. No hot items. There were prepared breakfast sandwiches…which are absolutely no use to me. The cook was making breakfast casserole, which, of course, is mostly egg with some cheese and maybe even bread thrown in. 

So I checked the vending machines. Granola bars – nope. Donuts – nope. Fruit pies – nope. Oh wait, they have little bags of nuts…aaaand they’re peanuts, so – nope. And the tears start to prick behind my eyes. 

Please get better, Friday. We only have to get through today.

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