Monday, April 16, 2012

Challenge: Accepted and Conquered

I'm back in Indianapolis. Back at work. I made it through the long weekend of traveling and crying. I'm still not out of the crying woods, but back home nonetheless.

I took more snacks than I needed with me on the road trip, but I think the preparation helped. It was also helpful that both hotels had refrigerators. On the way down to OKC we stopped at Panera. I could have gotten a salad there, but I already had my black bean and rice concoction that I ate instead. I also had that for dinner that day. Each day I had my Shakeology for breakfast - made with the vanilla almond milk I took with me. Thankfully the catered meal provided at the funeral was friendly to me. It probably did have butter in it, but that's not too bad - roast beef with carrots, green beans, salad (no dressing) and Yukon gold mashed potatoes. I had leftovers of the same for dinner at my aunt's house.

Breakfast on Saturday was at a restaurant that touts itself as being open to substitutions and sharing dishes - Huzzah! (I strongly recommend First Watch.) I had a potato, bacon, tomato and avocado skillet (with the eggs on the side for my cousin's son) with a bowl of fruit. I had carrots with hummus and fritos with salsa for lunch. Dinner was taquitos at a Mexican restaurant in the small town where we stayed Saturday night. Yesterday I had cereal with blueberries for breakfast and a Luna bar with clementines for a snack (or maybe that was the other way around).

Unfortunately by the time we made it home at 3 pm yesterday I was feeling extremely fatigued. Its a familiar feeling - a symptom of either my autoimmune or the medication (hard to tell which sometimes), but my limbs were incredibly heavy. I had Qdoba, then passed out on the couch for a couple hours.

Thankfully I feel much better today. However, I've decided to make today a Shakeology cleanse day. As I told the family at breakfast on Saturday - I had more red meat in the two days we were in OKC than I have had in weeks. To which my cousin's husband responded, "Welcome to Oklahoma City!" So today it'll be three shakes with fruit and nuts for snacks. I'll eat something "clean" for dinner - probably curried lentils with butternut squash sauce.

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