Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A new challenge

I've been following new dietary restrictions for about three months now. It hasn't been as hard as I thought it might be, but tomorrow I will be facing a new challenge in this new part of my life.

Tomorrow I leave home. Obviously I leave home all the time, but just for the day. Unfortunately on Monday evening my mom's only brother, my uncle John, died suddenly. Tomorrow we will be driving to Oklahoma for the funeral, returning on Sunday (12 hour drive each way). Finding a decent meal on the road at fast food restaurants, convenience stores and hotel continental breakfasts will be tough. I walked through a c-store last week and walked back out empty handed. I'm not saying I can't find something to fill up on, but its hard to find fruits and vegetables, rather than just meat and fries.

I feel bad because I'm afraid I'm going to be filling up the car with my stuff, but I'm going to be bringing my blender so I can make shakes, a bag of food and a small cooler for almond milk and the lunch I've made for myself - rice with black beans, roasted corn, salsa and cilantro. I also picked up some cooked chicken at the Marsh salad bar as well.

Then of course, once we arrive in Oklahoma we will probably be eating at several restaurants so I'll work through that as well. I know I'll be just fine, but the first time for any experience like this is always a little scary.

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