Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm so tired...

I'm almost at my breaking point. Working 9-10 hours a day + having a full house of kids and school starting up is making me about lose it. I NEED to run or something, but I'm too tired to do it most of the time. What I should be doing now is re-packing my suitcase. I packed last night, but I have too much, so I need to scale back. That means dump it all out and start again.

I did somehow manage to fix dinner tonight though. I could have bought something out, but that didn't seem justified with all the food we had in our house. So after work and kid's haircut, I fixed orange chicken. It was a recipe that touted itself as reminiscent of the Asian places in the mall food court...I'm not sure if I would say that. Since I didn't bread my chicken and I added a lot more veggies, it was kind of hard to compare. It did taste good, but it was too sweet - it had a CUP of brown sugar in it. That was too much for me. I'm going to have to work on the sauce a little more before I'll be completely happy with it. So no recipe post tonight. I'll work that sauce out, then post it at some point in the future.

I also need to work on a shopping list for vacation. When my sister picks me up at the airport we're going to go grocery shopping right away so I should probably get that ready...and I need to balance my checkbook...and put away laundry...and finish packing (yeah, I already said that) and I also have addition work that I need to get done tonight...dang it.

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