Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Injured :(

I failed to tell you about my pathetic injury last week. I don't know when or how exactly I screwed myself up - probably a combination of things - but I turned my sacrum (pelvic bone) last Thursday morning.

I went to the chiropractor on Wednesday night like I normally do once a month then Thursday morning I went to Crossfit. We did pushups, situps, squats and inverted rows followed by a core series. By the time I left I was starting to have trouble walking without pain in my back. By mid-morning I was moving like a 80-yr-old lady with arthritis, and I envied them their walkers.

I managed to get through most of the day (I left at 3 pm) on pain meds and ice and got home and slept for a couple hours in Wilson's bed - only bed on the main floor of the house that is low to the ground. I went to the chiro again on Friday (but not my normal one) and thankfully over the weekend, the acute pain subsided and a constant ache settled in. Thankfully yesterday, my normal chiropractor figured out the problem with my sacrum and found a way to release the pressure in my pelvis. I am finally feeling so much better and starting to believe I might survive.

Evidently, runners are susceptible to turned sacrums, as well as people who sit in desks all day. It doesn't help that I have previous injury to that area (from adolescence) and little curvature in my lower spine. 

I've been swimming a lot this week to keep moving without taxing my body too much. I decided taking a couple weeks off from the heavy-duty working out is worth making sure I am rested and recovered for vacation (and the hiking that will come with it) and the triathlon.

I made polenta with veggie fajitas today. Finally figured out a way to fix polenta that I really like - baked, then finished with the broiler. I'll post some details on that later. Later, y'all.

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