Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Garbage Bowl

Rachael Ray has a garbage bowl. It's a ridiculously expensive bowl made to put your refuse in as you cook. I don't have one of those. But I do sometimes throw miscellaneous leftovers into a bowl and eat them. Tonight I called that a garbage bowl. It wasn't garbage though. It was good and quick and I needed it after a long chiropractic appointment.

So awhile back I made two meatloafs - gluten-, dairy- and egg-free of course and also with homemade ketchup glaze  - and I froze one. This weekend I pulled it out of the freezer to have at the ready for dinner at some point this week. It came in handy tonight.

I took some already cooked brown rice, crumbled up the meatloaf and threw in some frozen peas. Heated it up in the microwave, added a bit more ketchup once it was warm and enjoyed an easy meal.

I've used about 40% of the stuff (mostly meat) in our freezer now. I'm hoping that around the time I finish with the meat in the freezer, I'll be about done with INSANITY and ready to get back on the vegan train for a while as I get ready for my next half marathon in December - we'll see if I'm crazy or not for signing up for a race in mid-December in Indiana.

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