Monday, September 3, 2012

My favorite flavors

Do you have certain flavor combinations that seem to repeat themselves frequently in your food? I have a few. They are combinations that in my world, just seem to go together like...

  • Lime, cilantro & garlic - what I love about this one is that is can easily go from Asian to Mexican inspired with minor additions like tamari sauce, ginger or hot pepper oil for Asian, or cumin and Mexican oregano for Mexican.
  • Orange, cranberry and curry - This goes great with nuts and rice or chicken. 
  • Chipotle, maple and garlic - This sounds great with potatoes, beans, nuts or again, chicken. 
  • Banana, blueberry and vanilla - so good in oatmeal, especially with some chopped nuts added. It's one of my favorite energy breakfasts. 
  • Sundried tomatoes, garlic and olive oil - with pasta, rice, beans or on crackers. 
  • Dill, lemon and garlic - great with veggies, rice, fish or mixed into plain Greek yogurt as a dip (you know, if I ate yogurt, which I don't anymore). 
These are my favorites, but I'm also just as pleased with a new, unusual flavor combination sneaks up on me. So what are some of your favorites? I'm always happy to try something new. 

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