Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 12: Marsh to the rescue

Morning Weigh-in: 166.4 lbs

I am happy to see that number go down, however, the Chief Science Officer at Beachbody posted on our support group page for Ultimate Reset yesterday that waist measurements are a better measure of success. Since water, fat, muscle are all in constant flux, it’s hard to say which factored into weight gain or loss, however, the UR tends to make a person leaner so it should show in waist/hip measurements. I haven’t done that yet, but I probably will soon. 

Tonight I’m supposed to make Mediterranean beets and coconut collard greens. I actually got mixed southern greens at Trader Joes, but I’m kind of looking forward to dinner. I had a heck of a time finding good beets though. The ones at Meijer were kind of small and nowhere else had them this time of year.  I’ve also been searching for butternut squash – also out of season. I should have known that the Marsh downtown would rescue me from my peril. Found a bunch of large beets with greens, HUGE butternut squash (regular and organic) and I also got another cantaloupe on sale. 

One more note about food…I have traditionally not been a fan of melon. I didn’t eat watermelon until I was in high school and before this year, couldn’t stand other the green or orange melons either. I remember being in the hospital when I had Annyka and wanting fruit (I craved fruit throughout my pregnancy and post-partum). My ex-husband bought me a fruit cup from the cafeteria (and was so proud of himself for finding it) and it was permeated by the melon taste. I still ate it, but I remember wishing it didn’t have all that melon. Fast-forward to the last few weeks. I have bought two cantaloupes in the last five days – for ME. So I guess it is true that taste buds changes. 

I was just telling someone the other day that I think eating foods that inflamed my sinuses (ie gluten, dairy, etc) actually made food taste different. Now that those foods are out of the way, I’m enjoying things I didn’t expect to. So there you have it – Clean eating = yummier food.

UPDATE: Dinner was only meh. I liked the beets, but I wasn't a fan of the coconut collard greens. I felt like I was eating tanning lotion. And now I have heartburn, which is something I haven't had in a couple years at least. I haven't decided if I want to drink a little cider vinegar or baking soda to try to get rid of it. Scott says cider vinegar works for him. I usually do baking soda, but its so high in sodium....

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