Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 7: The alarm clock

Morning weigh-in: 169.something - My body really likes that 167-169 weight range. Hopefully I can break through that next week in detox.

I feel like there is one thing keeping me from getting the sleep I really crave. It’s my alarm clock. 

Let me tell you about this alarm clock. I don’t get to choose what time I want to wake up with this alarm. It decides that. And it usually decides about 4 or 5 am is the perfect time. This alarm clock’s name is Lucky. He’s our cat. Our indoor/outdoor cat that thinks being in the house all day long and lounging on the kids bunk beds then going outside from 4 am to 7:30 am is the best life there is. Granted, he’s much less maintenance than the dogs. He has a self-feeder and he only wants human attention occasionally (and obviously that’s always on his terms), but when he decides he wants something, he’ll make sure you know it. 

Evidently it usually starts with him sitting up near my head and batting at my hair. That doesn’t wake me up though. Somehow it wakes Scott up, but not me.  They he’ll start the meowing. Normal meowing at first, which will escalate to howling if we don’t pay attention.  Last night I woke up for a quick bathroom break – but it’s not a full wakeup, just enough to make to the bathroom in the dark and back to bed. 

Lucky took that as his opportunity to alert me to his needs then danced around as if he was changing his mind about going out. If I could just toss him out the window, I would, but our room being in the attic makes that seem like a bad idea, so I turned on the light to go down the stairs the push the cat outside. He acted as if nothing had happened this morning when I let him back in. So anyway, I feel like I could have slept better last night. 

And my contacts are really not agreeing with my eyes today either. Everything is a little blurry…I should probably make sure I have them in the correct eyes….(which pretty much just means getting out a new pair). 

Well, I’m here at work. Let’s do this thing so I can enjoy the 3-day weekend!

UPDATE: Well, obviously I do need more sleep - I figured out why my contacts didn't want to stay in my eyes. I already had a pair in. I wear Dailies and forgot to take them out last night. Duh. 

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