Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 2: Down 2 lbs

First thing in the morning weigh-in: 168.2 lbs

9:30 am It’s kind of weird for me to be up and productive at 8 am on a Sunday, but I am. I’ve made lentils, boiled corn, made oatmeal, Greek dressing and I have chicken on the grill. Annyka and I plan to clean the house up and wash the van today. I should probably (ie have to) do some laundry too. I find laundry so tedious. 

I’m looking forward to the food today and tomorrow. Oatmeal with blueberries – yum. Greek salad – yum. Beans & rice – yum. Lentil –lime salad – not sure if it is, but it sounds yum. Sushi…well we’ll see if I can stomach the seaweed. It usually is hard for me to swallow, but I’m game to try it again. If I can’t seem to get it down, I’ll just eat the other ingredients in a bowl with the nori. 

You’d think I’d never prepared food before. I’ve cut my fingers twice with the knife. Not sure what my deal is. Must go find the liquid bandage. 

One thing I need to work on it being present with my food during meals. I tend to eat while doing three other things and eat quickly. I need to focus more on tasting and chewing my meals. Hopefully putting that in writing will remind me the next time I sit down to eat. 

12:00 pm I drybrushed my skin and took a baking soda bath. Now I want to take a nap! I don’t feel weak or tired really, just relaxed and not hungry yet.  I’ve now finished cutting up the grilled chicken and made the lentil-lime salad. I also have brown rice on the stove. Annyka and I have cleaned up the living room and vacuumed the main floor of the house. I’ve taken out all the trash and gathered up all the laundry (haven’t actually washed any though). The bar in the kitchen is still pretty messy, but I can get that straightened up before the end of the day. Now that I said I wasn’t hungry, I am. So I’m going to go ahead and fix my Greek salad. 

12:30 pm This salad seems huge. I had to use a serving bowl to fit all the lettuce.  But that’s the benefit of veggies – you can eat a ton before you get full and still not take in too much junkiness.  Now I think I will lay down and rest a little…because I can! 

6:30 pm Late afternoon is definitely the hardest time of day for me. I start to feel weak and a little light-headed. But I made it to dinner regardless. And it was excellent – black beans & rice with guacamole, salsa and corn. I can also have steamed kale, but I’m saving that for a little later when I get hungry. We successfully washed the van and cleaned up the living room and kitchen. Dining room is still messy and I did no laundry. But it too hot right now to do much and I’m still refusing to turn on the A/C just yet.  I’ve also wasted time searching for a Redbox movie that I managed to lose while cleaning the house.
8:15 pm I just had my steamed kale. It wasn’t too bad. I’ve had kale in soup before, but never by itself. I added a clove of coarsely chopped garlic to the steamer basket.

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