Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 1: Just hit...reset

Ultimate Reset

9 am One of the commonly used phrases in the Beachbody world is "Just hit play" meaning everyday you come back to your DVD player and do your workout - hitting the play button. 

I'm not going to be hitting play for a few weeks. I'm hitting reset instead. So far this year has been pretty great. I'm stronger and lighter than I've been in years, but I feel like I've hit a plateau. I'm living in a fog. Although I'm getting my workouts in and eating the way I should (mostly), I feel unfocused and I'm just living for the nap. I feel tired a good part of the time. Not heavy like I do when I'm having thyroid or Sjogrens bouts, but just a little tired all the time. 

I'm also carrying around some resentment about work which is not a feeling I enjoy. I don't want to waste my energy on negativity. I think the changes at work are positive for the company, and there's plenty of talk about how we'll all benefit from it, but I'm not seeing how I will benefit as I see the sales team get new technology and raises while I triple my work load and it takes 20 minutes for my laptop to boot up each morning. It's time to dump these feelings and move on to the next level. 

I need to do the same in my fitness training as well. Now that I've started losing weight, I want to push past the obstacles (some mental, some physical) and get even faster and stronger. 

So today is the day. I'm using the BeachbodyUltimate Reset and I start today. I've already had a couple glasses of water and my first round of supplements. I'm getting ready to eat breakfast. I'm also getting over a bladder infection which has held me back for a few days.

I'm starting out at 170.6 lbs according to my scale at home; 32.5" waist; 43.5" hips. Hopefully I can get Annyka to take a couple photos of me later. I'm excited to try some new recipes, try out being vegan for a few weeks and see how good I can really feel. I hope I can clear the fog surrounding me and get back on track. 

8 pm I don’t like salmon. I try to like salmon. I know it’s good for me and all that jazz, but I just don’t like it. I like tilapia. I like cod and northern pike and walleye. I love mahi and red snapper and grouper. I’ve even had barracuda that was pretty good.  But I don’t like salmon. 

But I was a trooper (which rhymes with grouper) and I got a wild Pacific salmon steak at Pogues Run Grocer (cute little place), marinated and baked it and ate the majority of it. I did give some to the dogs. They, of course, love it. The asparagus was awesome and the potatoes were good too. I will admit I didn’t follow the exact instructions for the potato preparation – I steamed them instead of boiling. It was easier since I was going to be steaming asparagus too. 

I felt mostly okay today: a little hungry at mid-day and a little lightheaded before dinner, but otherwise not too bad. I expect tomorrow to be a little tougher. Thank goodness I only have to do the Alkaline stuff once a day. It is awful.  I had quinoa with salsa & avocado for breakfast (the plan breakfast was toast, eggs and spinach – 2/3 of which I can’t eat); a mixed green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, shallots, sunflower seeds and garlic dressing for lunch and some cashews for a snack. 

My legs feel fatigued even though I haven’t done anything strenuous – just a few yoga poses with the kids at Annyka’s birthday party. My bladder is feeling better now though after getting diagnosed with a bladder infection yesterday. 

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