Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 14: Moving on to the Final Phase

Morning weigh-in            164.8 lbs

Tomorrow I enter the final phase of the Ultimate Reset. I just finished drinking the last serving of Detox – thankfully. It’s not that it tastes bad, but it is gritty and hard to swallow. Next week my calorie intake goes down even more and I’ll focus mainly on eating fruits and vegetables. I’m a little nervous about that, but hopefully I’ve prepared for it appropriately. I’m excited about the cabbage salad, baked sweet potato, but I’ll making a substitution for the carrot seaweed salad and tempeh. 

I haven’t taken my measurements yet…I’m waiting as long as possible so I can see as big of a difference as possible. I know that’s kind of silly, but since my weight loss has been so little compared to most people who have done the UR, I want something to be dramatic. 

A few weeks ago I found a pair of Pajama Jeans for half price so I decided to buy them, but they only had XXL or M. I bought the medium pair. Let me say something about Pajama Jeans…the waist is a drawstring and it doesn’t stretch. So if you have hips, you have to choose whether you want the pants to fit your waist or hips, not both. So I chose waist, but that meant it took about five minutes to get them over my hips. So here’s the punchline: Last night, I was able to pull them on like a regular human being, not wiggling into them like a spastic fish. 

In addition to the UR, next week I’m also going to have a spa day and do a wrap on my thighs and stomach.  And at the end of the reset I’m going to get my hair cut as well. It’ll be as close to a total body makeover as I’ll have anytime soon.

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