Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 15: Busy Saturday

Morning weigh-in: 163.6 lbs

A busy day to usher me into Phase 3. I got up at 8 am, after a solid night’s sleep with some vivid dreams and headed to the gym for a swim. Then I hit up the Goodwill for the Half-Price sale and spent about $90 buying myself jeans & dresses and summer wardrobes for the kiddos. I successfully found 2 pairs of jeans in my current size – 10 short. I think by the end of the summer I can be in single digits! It’s possible it could happen sooner, but it may take picking back up on the workouts to get that done. I also had to buy snacks for Annyka’s school’s field day (for about 350 students) and we went to the movies. I successfully ignored Scott’s popcorn and Mr. Pibb. It wasn’t too awful since I had just eaten before the movie. I also smuggled my water into the theater.

I had two challenges with the Reset today…1) The meals were too big. Lunch was HALF a head of cabbage – with other veggies and dressing. I could only eat about a quarter of a head. And I only ate half of my veggies at dinner as well. I did eat the whole sweet potato, but I felt almost uncomfortably full. 2) I haven’t been regular throughout the Reset and it’s not fun. I am not having regular movements and that is unusual for me. I’m having a hard time understanding how I can eat sooo much fruit and vegetables and drink so much water (more than a gallon a day) and be constipated. I’m wondering if I might have to do a Shakeology fast to get back to normal once the Reset is done.

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