Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Travel sucks

Travel doesn't suck in general. If you know me, you know I LOVE to go new places, but travel sucks for people with special diets. Amusement parks and ball parks are not designed for people who eat like I do! 

This past weekend we took the kids to Cincinnati for the weekend and ate most of our meals out. Friday night we went to a Mexican restaurant and I had “meat” for the first time in a month. I got the grilled tilapia. It was very good and thankfully I had no ill effects from having fish.

Friday night I also went to the nearby Kroger and picked up some fruit and granola for breakfast to hopefully save us some money and help us eat better. 

Saturday we were in Kings Island all day. Lunch ended up being a salad from LaRosa’s pizza. It was mostly iceberg lettuce with mozzarella cheese and a couple tomatoes and olives thrown in for color. And the only dressings they had were ranch based. So basically I had lettuce and a little bit of dressing. Thankfully it kept me full enough though. I also had some fries (the real kind made with big potato wedges, not frozen fries). For dinner I had a burrito bowl. I had some strawberry sorbet while the rest of the family had ice cream and funnel cakes. 

Sunday was the Reds game. For lunch I had 7-layer bean dip, minus a couple layers (cheese & sour cream). Dinner was a side salad from McDonalds. 

I’ve been paying the price for eating junk this weekend, BUT there is good news…We went to Jungle Jim’s Market in Cincinnati yesterday also. I bought bulk rice, black eyed peas, red pepper spread, some fancy mustards and Scott bought us a dragonfruit to try as well. I took a photo of it in case you haven’t seen one…but I don’t have the camera with me to upload the photo. 

Anyway, I’m now sitting in a hotel room in Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. alone tonight. I will be at our corporate office for training tomorrow and Wednesday. I went on a two-mile run ending at the local Harris Teeter and bought some food for the next couple days: almond milk, peaches, bananas, salad, and almonds. And I bought tonight’s dinner before I headed back to my hotel. 

Tonight – a Mediterranean feast: stuffed grape leaves, roasted red pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, artichoke hearts, hummus and crackers. The only thing they didn’t have on the olive bar was marinated mushrooms. It’s kind of nice to have a couple evenings by myself like this to do whatever I want.

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