Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 17: New foods!

Morning weigh-in: 164.8 lbs

I got up about 20 minutes early today so I could do yoga again (I did it twice yesterday). It seems to be helping some. But what is not helping is that I also started my period yesterday. *

Anyway, so I have crampiness in my abdominal area and some related bloating. Hopefully it will subside in a couple days and if not, I’m sure it will by the time I’m off the Reset. With the help of the reset and getting back into my regular workouts in the next few weeks, I think I can be at the weight my rheumatologist wants to see by my next appointment (around 155 by Aug 16). 

On to food notes, which are the most important kind of notes, right? I tried something new last night. I steamed an artichoke. Scott and I both really like artichoke, but I usually buy them in the jar or can, not whole. So I put it in my steamer basket, sprinkled some lemon juice over it, put a few garlic cloves in the middle and steamed it for about 20 or so minutes (I didn’t time it, just estimated). It was quite good. I’m not sure it’s something I want to do regularly. It was a significant amount of labor for not a lot of food, but I’m happy to have tried it. 

Today I’m having a jicama-avocado salad for lunch. Jicama is something I’ve never eaten (at least to my knowledge). I’m pretty pumped about it. I’ve heard good reviews about the salad. Dinner is roasted squash (probably zucchini) and green beans. I’m also looking forward to it, but nothing new about it.

*I would like to point out that I am not normally an oversharer. I don’t really like being this open about my bodily functions  - in fact the last time I remember sharing this much about bodily functions was when I had Annyka. I doubt I’ll ever again announce to a stranger (a nurse), “I passed gas” with so much enthusiasm. However, I am taking on a journey of health and these are obvious parts of that journey that I would feel remiss if I left them out.

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