Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ready for a Shakeology Fast

I'm still in Virginia (I fly out tomorrow night) and today was okay. Breakfast and lunch was provided at our training - breakfast was bagels and fruit. I had a bowl of granola before leaving the hotel and had some fruit. Lunch was a couple of different kinds of wraps. They looked delicious...I had a salad that I brought instead. I'm taking a salad again tomorrow, but I've been advised that the cafeteria at corporate has plenty of options as well.

We headed to Maggiano's for dinner as a group. I considered not going and getting something at the store or in the hotel restaurant, but I took a chance and found out that Maggianos does have gluten-free pasta and I was able to get a dish without cheese - it had sundried tomatoes, spinach and broccolini in it. I kind of wish I'd just gotten marinara. I was craving the tomatoes.  I also had a glass of red wine. I haven't had alcohol in ages. Thankfully it didn't affect me much.

I found out today that Shakeology just released Vegan Chocolate. I am SO excited! I cannot wait to order it tomorrow. I've decided that this weekend I'm going to do a Shakeology fast - Shakeology and fruits and vegetables only. I'm having more bloating and gas than I've felt in months and think the traveling and changes to my routine lately are probably causing it.

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