Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm back...with dinner!

I’m back at menu planning and creating my own recipes again. It wasn’t too bad having a break during the reset, but I’m ready for have some fun in my laboratory! 

We stopped by a farmer’s market Saturday evening and bought some produce from the bargain table. We got five poblano peppers, four red bell peppers and six small zucchinis for $3 total. This was a great find. I love letting the locally available produce determine menu. 

The zucchinis had to be used immediately, so I sliced them, laid them out on a cookie sheet and froze them. After frozen I transferred them to a bag. These will be good for stir-fry, fajitas, or pasta dishes later.  

So, dinner tonight: stuffed poblano peppers

Stuffed with what you ask? Stuffed with quinoa, black rice, mango salsa and whatever seasonings I think make sense. Probably some lime juice, cilantro, cumin…I’ll put cheese on the boys’ peppers, but my vegan self will forgo the cheese.

I was inspired by a quesadilla recipe I saw online and twisted the ingredients around to make it fit my needs. I’m doing this vegan thing for at least another week, then I’ll add in some tuna and/or other fish and eventually some chicken. I’m sure I’ll still eat red meat occasionally – I have some Trader Joe’s lamb in the freezer I want to make sometime – but for now I’m taking it easy with the animal protein and exploring what I can do without it. 

I will probably start Crossfit later this week once I feel confident my strength and endurance can handle it.

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